Monday, December 5, 2011

Carbon Neutral Dining?

Chambar on Urbanspoon
Rocky Mountain Flatbread Company (Main St) on Urbanspoon

I got an e-mail from Chambar recently with various holiday-season related announcements such as gift boxes and catering. (You can check out the latest Chambar news here).

One of the items they mentioned was that Chambar had attained Carbon Neutral certification, making them the second restaurant in Vancouver to do so. If Google is right, then the other restaurant would be Rocky Mountain Flatbread Company, though probably certified through a different company.

In a nutshell, Carbon Neutrality is about having a net carbon output of zero, through a combination of reducing carbon output and offsetting it elsewhere. The whole thing was in vogue a few years back with companies talking about it and other companies selling carbon offsets -- such as Treebanking LLC, which had aimed to reclaim and reforest rainforests while selling carbon offsets and helping local economies with work and wood products to sell.

Nowadays, not so much on radar anymore, sadly.

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