Friday, December 2, 2011

Get Water with your Fraser Valley Juice & Salad

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After a salty late lunch at the St. Regis yesterday afternoon, I found myself thirsty again not too long after. Maybe my body needed to get rid of all that sodium. Anyway, by around 5.30pm I was at Granville Island catching up with an old friend, and we decided to get some juice. Off hand, Fraser Valley Juice and Salad was the only place she could come up with for juice.

There's no fancy superfoods or other fads like matcha here to mix in with your juice. Mostly it's fruits and some veggies.

Right off the bat, something that I took points off for was that the juice wasn't made fresh when ordered. They were pre-mixed and just poured out into small plastic cups. A 12 oz cup (about the size of a tall drink at Starbucks) was $5.90. The two juices we ordered, plus tax, came out to a whopping $13.22!

My friend got the Tropical Fruit (Kiwi, Orange, Pineapple, Strawberry) mix, which was a pretty standard tasting sweet fruit mix. I went for the Ginger Mint Orange, which was, to me, more interesting.
The Mint component didn't stand out for me, but the ginger (which is apparently good for you) was strong enough to leave a brief burn in your throat after it goes down. And the orange was very sweet, enough that you'd probably want water to wash away the sweetness plus ginger burn.

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