Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Strange find at the Urban Gypsy

I had Thursday off, and finally went to scout out Karmavore in New Westminster. Right next to it, at 614 Columbia Street, was the Urban Gypsy, a store with a strong Tibetan feel to the furniture and decor presently offered. If you go now, you'll probably see deep discounts on their imports, which can be from Indonesia as well as mainland Asia, all around India. The owner, Jason, personally goes overseas to shop and fill a container with acquisitions.

Something he didn't pick up overseas, however, was a pillory. Not a medieval antique, but a new-ish contraption that looks like it might have been made for a magician's stage show, complete with red trim and oversized cross-shaped handles (with an eagle motif) for tightening around the neck and wrists once the hapless assistant is inside the stocks.

This odd and decidedly non-Asian looking item is on consignment from a realtor contact who found it abandoned in a storage locker. This, plus a reproduction battle axe, and a sword that may or may not be an antique -- Jason is getting it appraised.

Go have a look -- it's downstairs, tucked away at one end of the store.
Right now there's a 25% sale on furniture, and some of the smaller ornaments -- which, interestingly, includes a lot of lizard-on-a-branch carvings -- are on sale as well.

The Urban Gypsy also does rentals to movies (10%-30% per week) and has loaned items for home staging as well.

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