Friday, December 30, 2011

THINaddictives Cranberry Almond Thin Cookie

I walked in for my usual Friday morning volunteering shift and happily there were still Christmas treats leftover. Among them were a few packs of THINaddictives almond thin cookies, doubtless picked up en masse from CostCo, where admin seems to get everything else. With over 200 volunteers, we buy bulk. :)

These thin cookies were biscotti-like, especially in how they are double-baked. The word biscotti itself is derived from a Latin meaning double-cooked/double-baked. Double-baking not only gives a bread or cake the crunchy exterior, but helps to preserve it for unreasonably long periods of time. And because it then becomes hard and crunchy, such things are typically jazzed up with some sort of creamy coating and dipped in coffee.

The very thin cookies (about 3mm thick) from THINaddictives were very strong with almond flavour and not so much with the cranberries, though it was clearly real cranberry baked into it. There was a slight chewiness to it which prevents the usual biscotti tendency to leave crumbs all over the place.

The tastiness of the cookies alone makes it a nice find, plus the porousness of it means you can still soak it quickly in coffee if you wanted to. The thinness makes soaking faster than a usual biscotti, plus you don't have to deal with a larger portion to start. They are not overly sweet and not overdone in that department with an additional coat of chocolate or icing or what not that is often done to jazz up sticks of biscotti.

What the company touts, however, is that "no two THINaddictives® brand cookies look exactly alike as well, and we too deeply pride ourselves in that homey non-uniform style as well". What this means is that you could potentially put them out and they'll look home-baked. In turn this has the dubious benefit of fooling your guests that you are an ace baker. Assuming they don't pay too much attention at CostCo.

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