Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Best Pizza by the Pound - Western Family Rising Crust Pizza

2011-Jan 8-14 Save on Foods pizza offer
If you haven't seen this week's flyer for Save-on-Foods, you're missing out on what is probably the cheapest pizza by the pound without needing a Costco membership. In fact, in comparison to Costco, Save-on-Foods pays you to buy it with their points program. And last time I checked, Costco only had the one flavour -- pepperoni.

In previous posts, I talked about pizza wars between Save-on-Foods and Superstore. Well, surprisingly, Save-on-Foods has now undercut Superstore by a mile with $10 for 3 large pizzas. It's not uncommon now to find $5 per pizza or $10 for two Delissio pizzas. In the past, it had gone to as low as $4.

At almost 1 kilogram, the pizzas are big enough to cut into thirds for three dinners, or quarters for four lunches. That works out to about a dollar a meal!

But how does it taste, you ask? (Huh? You want bulk AND taste too? Next you'll be demanding actual decent nutritional value. Pfft...)

So far I've popped open just the Four Cheese Pizza. The picture on the front does not lie -- it's pretty much what you see is what you get -- so look at the picture carefully. It shows some tomato sauce and cheese creeping out from the main bed of toppings, but if you look carefully, the outer ring of crust is slightly over an inch thick after baking. The crust at the bottom can be about a centimeter in some places. The depth of the toppings here is maybe a half centimeter, with an almost squirts-out-when-you-bite-it amount of tomato sauce.

Good news: Lots of tangy sauce makes the like-bread-but-not-exactly crust more palatable.

Four Cheese can be a bit on the bland side with the cheese melting into one homogeneous taste. Whether getting that somewhat overshadowed by tomato sauce is a good thing or not is probably personal preference. I'd personally pass on Four Cheese and buy some other flavour instead. Even pepperoni would do better.

I recommend pre-cutting it and baking only what you need. Then, when it comes out, chop off the thick outer crust and use it like a soft breadstick. Here, you can either dip it or further cut it into small bite-sized chunks and drop it into a half-can of some cheap-ass Campbells soup to further "supersize" your already cheap meal into a more filling portion.

If you keep freezing and unfreezing, the dough can get funny on you when you bake it and it might not rise properly, so try not to do that. Hack it apart frozen if you have to.

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