Monday, February 11, 2013

Not just ice cream and cakes in Silvestre Deli & Bistro

Silvestre Deli & Bistro on UrbanspoonI've walked by Silvestre in Gastown so many times and never really noticed that it advertised Peruvian food. Looking in, it seemed to be just another coffee shop, except it also had gelato. Turns out, the menu is all Peruvian food.
It's run by a Peruvian family with some Chinese in their ancestry, so at first, you might think they were a Chinese couple. But they assure me they are Peruvian.

I tried only a couple of things on my visit (and too small bites of my fellow diners' dishes to really comment about them). Portion size was generally good for the price, and as mains were served with a bowlful of rice, it can actually be quite a filling portion as well.

Chicha Morada ($2.50 per glass; non-alcoholic)
  • This interesting drink tastes sort of like a Coca-Cola, but not as super-sweet and not carbonated. Plus, it's purple! Interesting to try.
  • For $2.50 you get a tall glass of this, sort of like a Grande Starbucks cup.
Causa Rellena de Atun ($10)
  • Basically a "burger" where a filling is sandwiched between rounds of mashed potato. There are various options: shrimp (camarones), tuna (atun), and vegetables (vegetales). I opted for the tuna.
  • At $10 this is a moderately sized item made filling by the potatoes, but rather boring. It's basically mashed potatoes plus tuna, arranged in a pretty shape. Tastes like mashed potato and tuna. Duh. Nothing special here except that it looks neat.
Aji de Gallina ($12) - Pulled chicken in a creamy sauce with chili hot pepper, walnuts, parmesan cheese sauce and peruvian spices, served with steam white rice and potato.
  • The interesting sauce has a slight bit of heat to it, but mainly it's creamy and delicious. The overall feel is strangely like a mild or medium-spicy curry.
  • Really tasty, and a good price for the portion you get.

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