Thursday, March 27, 2014

Boursin Spiced Fresh Soft Cheese - cranberry and pepper

Boursin Spiced Fresh Soft Cheese - Cranberry and Pepper

Previously I mentioned having $1-off coupons from All You Need is Cheese, and I purchased two Boursin cheeses on sale at Superstore. The cranberry and pepper flavoured "spiced fresh soft cheese" is very much the same in consistency as the Boursin shallot and chive, except the flavour is more disappointing:
  • If there were any pepper flavour, it was very subtle.
  • To get any cranberry flavour, you really need to have at least a chunk of cranberry. Otherwise, the cheese tastes like cheese only. It's not so much flavoured cheese as it is dried cranberry bits mixed into the cheese.
If you do get this, I recommend being generous with the portion to ensure that you have a good amount of cranberry included in whatever you have spread the cheese on. The cheese does have a richness which lends well to thicker spreads but won't give you that sick feeling from too much fat.

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