Saturday, October 3, 2015

Camellia Tea & Coffee

Camellia Tea & Coffee Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato This cafe is extremely close to Royal Oak Skytrain Station and underneath a new apartment building, and is spacious and gentrified compared to the rest of the neighbourhood. And maybe because of this, they got the wrong type of people because there are signs in the entry area and washrooms prohibiting all manner of activities, such as camping out to study and bathing in the washrooms. Now that Ki Tea House Café (encouraging "study and socialize")has ironically opened up right next to them, some of the student crowd has apparently moved over because on a Saturday afternoon there was fast enough turnaround that finding seating was never a problem for us.

Ambiance and seating is nice. Cakes and coffee (no drip coffee -- huh?) were nicely priced, tea a bit steep even if you do get a big mug (my nothing-special-tasting "Sleeping Rabbit" hot tea was $3.25 before tax). Some cakes are apparently made in-house, but we saw them refilling their Berry Forest Cakes and it looked like these were pre-made off side or possibly bought from a third-party. Still, they were decently delicious, and price for portion is better than Breka, even at the Fraser and 49th location.

Counter selection of cakes and sandwiches is small as the small refrigerated counter also has to make room for savory grilled-to-order sandwiches, which were of a pretty decent size.
TIP: Ask about sandwich contents if you have allergies since it's a bit tough to see in the counter when the sandwiches are whole. My friends got croissant sandwiches (below) which were pretty packed with veggies alongside the meat, and had a layer of egg at the bottom. One of my friends was allergic to eggs and they were super-nice to her by re-making a replacement sandwich from scratch, minus the egg.

Overall, price for portion plus ambiance (minus the off-putting signs, I guess) plus polite and friendly service adds up to high marks here. They'd score higher if they had a greater selection of cakes.
TIP: Wait at the counter for your order. If you fail to hear them call out your order, you may miss it, so pay attention!

If you like, you can grab a copy of KLIP Magazine from the desk near the front door and flip through it to see if they have a 10% off coupon advertised. (Yeah, a bit cheesy, I know).

It's order-at-the-counter service so after ordering I let myself take some photos this time. Below you can see a croissant sandwich, Berry Forest Cake (left; $5.95) and supposedly made in-house Strawberry Cake (right; $7.50), which had a light, refreshing taste plus fun crunchy chocolate beads.

2015-Oct-3 Camellia Tea and Coffee 1

2015-Oct-3 Camellia Tea and Coffee 4

2015-Oct-3 Camellia Tea and Coffee 5

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