Monday, June 27, 2016

Going veggie is hard at Hoi An Cafe

Hoi An Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato With just ONE vegetarian main, it's hard to go veggie at Hoi An Cafe. Fortunately, the one dish you can order is pretty decent.

It's a simple, bright place. The layout means it's hard to put a really big group of 10+ together at the same table without a lot of advance warning, so if you really have that big a group AND you insist they all sit together, request it specifically ahead of time.

Overall, price for portion is good, good enough to be worth bonus points. Food presentation is also quite nice and taste is decent. I insisted on going veggie, so mine is not a typical food experience at Hoi An Cafe.

#24 Hu tieu chay kho ($9.50) Combination vegetables (tofu and beansprouts) with thin rice noodle in soup or homemade special sauce.
  • Pretty boring, EXCEPT that they have that wonderfully tasty fried garlic sprinkled all over it. Presentation also quite nice.
  • Two options: Soup, or tossed in sauce. I got the latter.
  • Be sure to mix it properly before eating as all the "homemade special sauce" is sitting on the bottom, and the noodles are in a single tangled mess under the veggies.
2016-Jun-27 Hoi An Cafe - #24 Hu tieu chay kho

2016-Jun-27 Hoi An Cafe - #24 Hu tieu chay kho

2016-Jun-27 Hoi An Cafe - #24 Hu tieu chay kho

#29 Sinh to (sau rieng) ($4.50) Blended shake (durian).
  • Various options and my friend chose durian to share.
  • Nice aroma but flavour tasted slightly weak/watery. Still, cheap for the quantity you get for $4.50.
2016-Jun-27 Hoi An Cafe - #29 durian shake

It was a really hot evening, so bonus points for being thoughtful and offering free cold tea! (Hot tea still available, though).

Staff is patient and friendly! Free WiFi - ask for the super-simple password or try to use the #TELUS network in that area (connected but it didn't work for me).

2016-Jun-27 Hoi An Cafe - free cold tea on hot days

2016-Jun-27 Hoi An Cafe - chili condiment at each table is not that hot, so use more

2016-Jun-27 Hoi An Cafe - menu 1/3

2016-Jun-27 Hoi An Cafe - menu 2/3

2016-Jun-27 Hoi An Cafe - menu 3/3

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