Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Queso Fundido at La Mezcaleria

La Mezcaleria Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato I've had Queso Fundido at a couple of places (Glowbal and The Mexican) and so far Glowbal's done it the best. Why? The main reason is it's hot and stays sizzling hot for a long time. This keeps your cheese goopy and tasty, and helps you get some seared cheese on the sides of the stone bowl.

Tried it tonight at La Mezcaleria and it was disappointing for so many reasons. Price was probably the worst -- at $26 you might be able to make it a meal for one, but you're also more likely to get much better and tastier for your money. And at $26 (for the one with ground Mexican chorizo, the only meat-optioned one) it cost twice as much as at Glowbal or The Mexican, for a comparable portion of cheese in a big but thick-walled shallow bowl.

It came to the table sizzling but strangely with very little seared cheese on the sides of the volcanic stone bowl. Our server pointed out the seared cheese being a delicacy and I was also definitely looking forward to it. But it was actually really hard to find any, and I think the sheer oiliness of the cheese they used actually prevented the cheese from forming a crust.

The cheese cooled down very, very, quickly. Shortly into it we even asked for the bowl to be reheated to try to get the cheese searing but when it came back it just wasn't any better.

Served with three dips -- a watery green avocado, a smoky chili, and a really hot pineapple habenero. I actually recommend the pineapple one. The cheese and taco shell provided to eat the cheese with will absorb some of the heat, leaving you with the refreshing pineapple to offset any heaviness from the cheese or oil.

Total waste of time and money. I would recommend you check Glowbal first if you really want Queso Fundido and maybe get it during their happy hour, but it looks like it's gone from their online menu.

All their Queso Fundido are gluten-free.
TIP: If you are having trouble scooping up a manageable portion of cheese with a spoon, try rolling it up with a fork like spaghetti.

Service was friendly and conscientious if a little bit uncoordinated -- you might get different servers checking in on you but hey, at least they are all paying attention and making sure you are being served.

2017-Aug-8 La Mezcaleria - Queso Fundido

2017-Aug-8 La Mezcaleria - Queso Fundido

2017-Aug-8 La Mezcaleria - Queso Fundido

2017-Aug-8 La Mezcaleria - Queso Fundido

2017-Aug-8 La Mezcaleria - Queso Fundido

2017-Aug-8 La Mezcaleria - Queso Fundido sauces

2017-Aug-8 La Mezcaleria

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