Thursday, April 22, 2010

Pizza Cold War hits all time low

Hi Everyone!

If you haven't been frozen-pizza-shopping at Superstore in the last few months, you may have completely missed out on what appeared to be a price war among frozen pizzas (or, Superstore struggling to clear out stock?).
It was only recently, however, that things got really good for the consumer when Kraft Delissio pizza was, briefly, offered at a low $4.98 (and over 800 grams), not advertised in the weekly flyer. I suppose since they flew off the shelves like, er, "hot cakes", SuperStore quickly increased the price to almost $7 now. Still, it was really tasty stuff (my mom especially liked the Bruschetta).

Things got even better this week when Save-On-Foods trumped them price-per-pound with Wild Mike's Ultimate Pizza. 15-inch, and $10 for two (2), weighing in at up to 1.05 kg, and working out to a supposed savings of almost $4 per pizza off the regular price.
I've tried the Pepperoni one so far, and although it looks horrid (meat ingredients poorly distributed and skimpy to boot), the sauce was really tasty with some spiciness for extra kick (though also not well distributed). But for a mere $5, how can you complain? If you divvy it up into 8 slices, that's lunch at about $1.25 per person (or $5 per hungry teen, I guess).

You gotta be quick with pizza offers -- my mom went the next day (she really LOVED Wild Mike's for some reason) and both Pepperoni and Hawaiian were all gone, leaving Four Cheese.

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