Monday, July 28, 2014

McCain Superfries Savoury Xtracrispy Wedges

Are these the best fries ever?

My mom spotted McCain Superfries Savoury Xtracrispy Wedges on sale at SuperStore and decided to give them a try. Despite the preparation instructions, we were going to try them in our so-far-very-disappointing Big Boss Oil-less Fryer. They didn't turn out so well. They were better on the grill, but not very crispy. She complained that they also took quite a long time on the grill or in the oven (plus there's the annoying turning) so with the last portions she deep fried them. And wow did they turn out great.

The outer shell feels thin but crispy. Seasoning is noticeable but not too particularly strong. Inside, it was probably fluffy but the experience in my mouth was one of light creaminess.

Good taste, excellent texture. Sodium content is off-putting but not really surprising.

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