Monday, February 9, 2015

Cheap and Filling at Anatolia's Gate

Anatolia's Gate on Urbanspoon I was previously at Anatolia's Gate over two years ago, and still remembered it had good eats for a good price. Dropped in with a friend last Friday and decided to try something different from the menu. She was in the mood for curry (in a Turkish place?) and I went for one of the wraps.

Beef Curry ($12.95)
  • About two cups's worth of curry, plus rice and token salad.
  • This is a sort of drier bitter-spicy curry. If you're hoping for a South Asian curry, don't order this. I think this will end up being more of an acquired taste.
Veggie Dürüm ($7.55) Roasted veggies Bell Pepper, Eggplant, Zucchini Mushroom wrapped in a freshly baked lavash bread with yogurt sauce
  • Basically a donair or wrap using a thicker bread similar to naan.
  • Price for portion is pretty good, considering you're getting about 2 burger's worth of filling.
  • Roasted veggies were of course hot, but it was mixed with cool yogurt sauce and "salad" shredded veggies (mostly lettuce), so that sadly cooled things off.
Turkish Tea ($1.95)
  • Is this just black tea? Nothing special here. Even more expensive than a pop ($1.45).
If you want safe and tasty, go with the mixed platter, which had portions good for two persons ($16.95).
We were there for dinner a bit later, around 7 PM, but the place was quite full, some people just getting takeout, and only a couple of overworked servers.

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