Saturday, October 6, 2018

Cardero's Restaurant

Cardero's Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato Walked in to Cardero's shortly before the start of their happy hour. Basically there for a snack and a break in between my friend's sightseeing. Given the hour being firmly between lunch and dinner I didn't really think anyone would necessarily expect us to be there for either lunch or dinner. Restaurant was pretty quiet as expected, with maybe three tables occupied in total.

Nevertheless we got a pretty condescending server who seemed to look down on us not ordering drinks (neither of us were drinkers) and ordering only lightly (no I wasn't there for either lunch or dinner). God knows what sort of attitude we'd have gotten if we arrived later and asked for the Happy Hour menu. Obviously that's for cheap people, right? In any case, the more attitude I get the less I'm inclined to order.

And speaking of the Happy Hour menu, I saw an avocado salad (?) on it that wasn't on the regular menu so I asked about it. And got a pointed reply that it was only on the Happy Hour menu, which was at the bar. Honestly I didn't see what the big deal would have been in a practically dead quiet time for the restaurant to get us a salad from the bar along with the other things we ordered.

Italian Meatballs ($14) roasted roma tomato sauce, grana Padano, fresh basil
  • The price may look daunting but if you don't blink at ordering a burger for the same price, you're getting more than the meat and just none of the fluff of a burger for the same.
  • Meatballs were nicely tender but not so much as to fall apart. Strong on spices to make it flavourful and not too salty. The sauce wasn't too salty either.
  • Ask for a spoon right away so you can get at the sauce. And save some of your complimentary bread for it too.
  • Overall, pretty decent and if you're a really light eater, call it your main and don't share.
2018-Oct-3 Cardero's - Italian Meatballs

2018-Oct-3 Cardero's - Italian Meatballs

My friend got a Mediterranean Salad ($15) of moderate portion size. Said it was good. I didn't try it.

Dessert of the day ($9.50) - Pumpkin Cheesecake
  • Mediocre. Nothing special here, so save your $9.50 and either get something else or go get a whole pie or cheesecake from your local supermarket.
  • Toffee (?) swirl on the plate tasted very watery thin.
2018-Oct-3 - Cardero's - Pumpkin Cheesecake

The complimentary bread. Not toasty warm when it hit the table but the bread itself is really decent.

2018-Oct-3 Cardero's - complimentary bread

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