Monday, January 21, 2019

Breakfast Table

Breakfast Table Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato I was initially going for a Dine Out Vancouver 2019 brunch on Sunday, but my friend and I instead detoured to Breakfast Table. A smallish but apparently popular place, it still had a line-up at almost 2 PM, but it was quite short and the wait time was maybe around 15 minutes. You can leave your name and number with them and get notified by a text message when your table is ready -- Handy!

Apple Cinnamon Roti - $6 feature of the day
  • Roti wrapping cinnamon-dusted apples.
  • While the roti is nicely done as roti go, it is not special or flavoured so this is actually a very boring dish and not especially tasty. What you see is what you get and adding maple syrup still won't elevate it into anything special.
  • Nothing really wrong or bad here except that there are more interesting things to order at the Breakfast Table. Recommend you pass.
NEXT JEN gluten free vanilla bean waffle - $9.75; organic ground millet, brown rice, coconut milk, house made coconut yogurt whip, maple syrup
  • As far as gluten-free waffle taste and texture go, this is a winner. It is so close to "normal" dough that you probably wouldn't know you were going gluten-free.
  • That coconut yogurt whip has an interesting yogurt tang to it that makes it more interesting than your usual sweet glob atop a waffle. If you want sweetness you can then control it with the maple syrup freely available at the table -- but if you use too much you'll mask any coconut subtlety in this dish. Maple syrup a bit on the watery side but still very sweet so taste it first before drowning your plate.
  • Overall a bit plain and uninteresting especially for $9.75 unless you can't get a reasonable gluten free waffle elsewhere. Pass and get something more interesting.
Chicken Karaage Hash - $15.25; two eggs, sesame seed, nori, Sweet Ass Chili Sauce
  • Usually when I see "hash" I think diced potato golden-browned into hash but here we get largish chunks of mixed roots in what adds up to a rather filling bowl that's fair value at $15.25.
  • Chicken is really good. Enough crisp to it plus the use of seaweed adds an interestingness to it.
  • If you are a lighter eater, you might want to partner up with a friend and together share this with an appetizer so you won't over-order. Taking a doggy bag home with you is allowed.

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