Saturday, July 31, 2021

Lunch Lady

My friend surprised me by taking me out for lunch and he randomly picked Lunch Lady -- apparently a place with quite the interesting story of being discovered by TV in Vietnam. We were in there about half an hour after it opened and it was pretty packed. Parking isn't that easy to find either.

I'm supposed to avoid shellfish, so I missed out on the daily special soup noodles and went with a server recommendation for a no-shellfish lunch. I could have gone with a vegan option but it seemed every other word was tofu so I went with their version of ham-and-eggs. Even though it had beef and I'm supposed to avoid red meat too...
Extra fries for $4? Extra bread for $3? This place is not cheap.

BÒ NÉ ($18) Marinated filet of beef, 2 fried free range eggs, sautéed onions, house-made pâté, laughing cow cheese, french fries on a sizzling skillet, bánh mì. Extra Bánh mì +$3, extra Fries +$4
  • Basic and satisfying. Nothing too fancy here but things don't have to be fancy to be delicious.
  • Made a bit more delicious by the drippings from the beef served still sizzling.
  • House-made pate pretty decent too.
  • Waffle cut fries were way over fried. I inquired about whether it was meant to be fried to a crunch like that and I guess it wasn't because they brought me a replacement. Points off for serving it in the first place, but points added for voluntarily replacing them.
  • I felt the replacements were still over-fried such that they had an oily crust but at least now I could see some white potato on the inside instead of just oil-saturated crunch.
Maybe it's the location but $18 felt steep. However, the plate does include house made pate and free range eggs, so it's not all lowest-bid ingredients here. If that's important to you then expect brunch to run you into $20+ per person especially if you get drinks.

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