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Instant no-boil toasty noodles

Here's a trick to get instantly ready noodles that you can toast to desired crispiness. No boiling! No frying!

    1. (Slide 1) We start with soft tortilla shells. Use any brand you like.
      • I often buy Casa Mendosa plain tortillas from the Real Canadian Superstore when they go on sale since they are really quite versatile. I do find that they are on the "barely cooked" side of paleness so I do like to toast them slightly no matter how I use them.
      • If you have big shells, you can have longer noodles!
    2. Cut the tortilla shell into noodles.
      • Ideally you have something like a hand-crank noodle maker or spaghetti roller, but if you don't you can still get fairly even-width noodles.
      • (Slide 2) Start by rolling up the shell. Then cut the cross section into the desired noodle widths. Make sure your knife is sharp since the act of cutting will compress them and they can become fragile enough where they fold.
      • (Slide 3) Once cut, gently unfurl them, and you have ready-to-eat noodles.
    I like to put them in a frying pan with no oil to gently brown and toast them before adding whatever sauce or other ingredients I'm using on the noodles, such as spaghetti sauce or maybe a curry.


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