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Siam Le Bien Thai Cuisine

Siam Le Bien Thai Cuisine has really decent food as well as several levels of "spicy" heat. If you like spicy food to actually be spicy, and find "hot" to mostly be feeble, then give their "Thai Hot" or even "Thai Super Hot" a try.

Price is more or less on par with everyone else, and combined with either a bowl of rice or noodle, each plate works out to quite a filling meal.

35. Pad Ka Pao Moo Grob ($18.50) Stir-fried spicy crispy pork belly, bell peppers, green beans, fresh chili, garlic, Thai basil
  • The pork belly looked like it should have good crunch but of course the crispiness of the skin won't last in the generous amount of sauce.
  • I opted for "Thai Hot" and the dish on its own would have been really quite spicy, but this was dulled considerably when I started mixing in the noodle. So overall, it was just what I was looking for: Actually spicy hot but also not relentlessly spicy and I could just pick at the dish without the noodles if I wanted more heat during my meal.
  • The dish does not normally come with rice and that needs to be ordered separately.
  • Noodle wasn't on the menu but I asked if it were possible instead of the two rice options, and the server said it was. One dense bowl of noodle worked out to $3.25.
  • Overall sweet and delicious, and the crispy Thai basil lent some interesting texture.
  • Decent amount of pork!
My friend ordered the Red Curry from the lunch menu. From the bit I tasted, it was flavourful and not skimpy with coconut milk.


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