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Qings Cake for Mother's Day

My mom is getting on in years but still refusing to treat herself to new things. So this Mother's Day I splurged a bit and got her a Qings Cake ("King's Cake"?)

They can make pictures in a jelly based on photographs you provide, but even without any photos, they have a good assortment of images you can choose from. I didn't have a picture of the cat my mom used to have, but they did have a fluffy cat image, and with a colour substitution for the fur, it turned out really quite well.
From a distance it can look quite realistic but of course once you zoom in close, it's clearly not a real cat.
Still, the detail and artwork was impressive.
(I think many people might be much more impressed, but I'm a jaded sort and very little really impresses me).

You can contact them through Instagram to get their current brochure of products -- a small 6-inch jelly cake is not the only product! I'll go through the specifications and my experience with you but I won't ruin the surprise of seeing the full menu (contact Qings Cake through Instagram).
  • My six-inch cat cake was $148 CAD + $35 CAD for the cheesecake base with digestive cookie crust.
    • Jelly and cheesecake come in many flavour options, around a half dozen for each. They did not indicate that specific flavours might cost more.
  • The jelly is quite sturdy and the image inside holds well, despite being jiggly.
    • You can check it out in this demonstration video from Qings Cake.
    • Despite how jiggly it looks, it is actually quite firm.
    • Unless you've cut yourself a slice of generous width, a jelly-topped cheesecake it likely to wobble and fall over. So if presenting an upright slice of cake is important to you, keep this in mind.
    • I opted for peppermint, and there was definitely a clear minty taste. It was also not particularly sweet.
  • I opted for a plain cheesecake. The texture felt quite smooth and it was less sweet and sharp than a supermarket cheesecake. If you prefer more sweetness, you might want to inquire about this.
  • The cake box was very nice.
    • Very sturdy construction.
    • Cardboard has a luxurious look, feel, and thickness. You will certainly not be embarrassed handing a Qings Cake straight to the person you are gifting it to.
    • Side loading, so you don't have to destroy the box to get at the cake. The flaps can be popped out very cleanly without ugly tearing. Then you slide out the thick cardboard tray. It might catch on the bottom so a long knife inserted underneath to lift it slightly should allow you to keep sliding it smoothly out.
    • The cardboard tray is sturdy enough to hold the weight of the cake in case you want to move it around or move it into the fridge.
  • Payment in advance by e-transfer. Once payment is received they will finalize your order and pickup date/time.
    • They are currently a small operation so they can only handle limited orders. You will want to give at least 3 days lead time. Rush jobs may simply not be possible.
  • Pickup location is conveniently quite close to a skytrain, bus route, and free short term-parking.
  • I recommend you allow several days to get your order just right, especially if you are submitting a picture. This is a custom made cake and you might as well get exactly what you want.


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