Friday, December 9, 2011

Portraits of Organs

Last Tuesday (December 6th) was the annual "Meetup of Meetups", put on once a year by mostly the Vancouver social media community. All told, there were probably over 400 people crammed into Mahoney & Son Burrard Landing. The first couple of hours saw everyone squashed like sardines.

I met some interesting people that night, but probably none more intriguing than Masha Tikhonova of Grafikavision. When she said she painted human organs, I wasn't sure I heard her right at first. I was utterly intrigued by it when she confirmed what I had heard, and I was quick to follow up after the event.

You can see some of her artistic and flowery renditions of human organs on her art blog, Anatomy. I like the interplay of the clearly human organ shapes with the frequently flowery and leafy designs. It seems to have a softening and recontextualizing effect on the subject of organs, which probably for most people conjures in the imagination what the raw organ looks like.

Check it out at Anatomy.

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