Friday, August 21, 2015

Spring water dough at Non Stop Pizza

Click to add a blog post for Non Stop Pizza on Zomato If you haven't had "Indian Style" pizza, definitely give it a go. And Non-Stop Pizza is a pretty decent place to try it. It's interesting not just because it uses Indian menu ingredients like chicken tikka or tandoori chicken and the like, but also because it doesn't have melty cheese blanketing everything--which means re-heating it isn't going to be quite so bad.

The Fraser Street location of Non-Stop Pizza is a dive that thankfully you won't have to eat in -- because there's no seating! It's just a take-out counter, really.

I tried it on Thursday, and there was the one extremely bored (?) person bordering on possibly being surly. He blandly and negatively answered my questions. Egg Pizza? Nope. We have no eggs. (WTH?) Tandoori Fish Pizza? Nope. Butter Chicken Pizza? Nope. That is the same as Chicken Tikka Pizza. (Really? Then why is Chicken Tikka Pizza a separate menu item?)

Anyway, we got a single large, half-and-half pizza (half one type, half another, no extra charge). It came in a box that said they use Spring Water for their pizza dough -- not tap water, apparently. Couldn't taste the difference under the toppings, though.

Hot & Spicy Special Pizza (Hot Pepperoni, Hot Salami, Mushrooms, Onions, Green Peppers & Jalapeno)
  • Not hot and spicy. But maybe they toned it down for us hapless Asians who might not have been able to handle it?
Chicken Tikka Pizza (Mushrooms, Onions, Tomatoes, Chicken Tikka & Green Peppers)
  • Yup, cubes of chicken taste like chicken tikka.
Tasty enough and budget-priced pizza. Would be better if the order-taker wasn't so wooden, but this is a takeout place. He's not waiting your table, so no points off for that. I *am* docking them points for not having certain types of pizza (and running out of eggs!) at around 6pm in the evening -- like, are you serious?

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