Thursday, August 13, 2015

Sliders vegetarian option

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Sliders is a fairly spacious restaurant with a simple cafeteria / communal table layout. Clean and simple. Order at the counter, get a number, wait for your number to be called.

Sliders also features a lot of money-saving deals:
  • 10% off for local businesses and hospital staff
  • 10% off takeout orders after 5pm
  • 20% off orders over $50
  • 20% off on all combos after 4pm
  • Slider "passport" -- stamp card to try all the different sliders. Fully stamped card gets you a free slider. NOT automatically offered to you, so ask for one and remember to pull it out.
The sliders themselves are small burgers, but not super-small. They are actually about the size of a McDonalds burger, maybe slightly smaller but taller.
The design of the burgers are also really nice with good buns and interesting fillings.

Three sliders work out to be slightly more than a single gourmet burger elsewhere. This is great value as a 3-slider combo is $13.99 for three sliders plus fountain drink ($2) plus basic side ($4). On top of that, you get a decent bit of different types of sliders.

TIP: You can get water! It is at the drinks dispenser. To the left of the ice machine (middle). On that drink dispenser is a separate white lever which will get you plain white water. Took me forever to notice it. DUH. You won't get a refund on your drink in the combo, though.

No vegan option. No gluten-free burger.

I went with the "vegetarian option" 3-slider combo as there were 3 veggie options.

Cauliflower & Cheese
  • I seem to remember this as being the least interesting of the three and I was especially missing the "aged cheddar cheese sauce".
Mushroom & Goat Cheese
  • Patty looks black and burnt, but doesn't taste that way.
  • Interesting and tasty!
Chickpea Fritter
  • Really creamy chickpea burger. Nice touch of curry here with the curry aioli.
Tater Tots
  • I chose this as my side. It looks like supermarket tater tots, tossed in some condiment to make it tastier than plain tater tots.
  • I recommend these over the fries, which look decent but which were also nothing special.
It's had to go wrong when each combo lets you choose different sliders -- in case of utter flavor disaster, there's a different slider you can try.

Nowadays, $12-15 gets you a single big gourmet burger and typically no sides, so value for money is there. Not exactly fast-food value, but tasty and interesting burgers at a good price.

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