Monday, August 10, 2015

Skype the cheapest cellphone plan

Here's my cellphone plan: SKYPE.

No, really.

Skype CANNOT be used for emergency calls, so you have two options:
Otherwise, get a $2.99/month subscription with Skype. You still need Wifi, which means you need a data plan... or do you? Just go to any Starbucks (and thankfully they are everywhere) and mooch their wifi. Or try your luck anywhere, really, since so many places offer free wifi. By 2016, the city of Surrey should be offering free Wifi. And Vancouver, of course, is moving toward the same.

To use this Skype cellphone plan, NEVER answer your phone. Your missed calls log will show who's calling you. Then, when you get to a free Wifi source, call them on Skype.

If you are at home, you may consider investing in a cheap router so that you can use your own home internet service to broadcast your own private Wifi -- why pay for data on your phone when you're already paying for it for your home internet?

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