Monday, August 17, 2015

Smokehouse Sandwich Company beef brisket

Click to add a blog post for Smokehouse Sandwich Company on Zomato The concept is pretty simple: A BBQ meat sandwich that uses round burger buns and gives you roughly the same amount of meat as a patty. For $4 more you can get twice the amount of meat (the "II" option on the sandwich menu).

Quiet, shady place that's quite big. Looks simply decorated on the inside, but take some time to look around and you'll spot some curious things like vintage cameras.
Mostly tables and a curious mix of chairs all spray-painted white. Plus a low table with couch!
Tables look easily movable, so this place could probably accommodate fairly large groups.
It's planted in a residential area, but only a 35 minute walk from the nearest Skytrain. Plus there's parking.

Price for portion is decent at mostly $9 per burger. Despite the interesting descriptions, it isn't really a gourmet burger, but it is tasty enough. Considering most dedicated burger places are charging about $12-$15 for a supposedly gourmet burger, this is OK value.

Samson Sandwich ($8.99) Coffee-crusted strawberry-glazed beef brisket with aioli, lettuce, and bell peppers
  • Could not detect coffee anything or strawberry anything. So this basically tasted like beef brisket in a bun.
  • Not overly sauced, which is fine because your burger starts leaking juices in short order anyway.
  • Nicely toasted bun, which really helps in picking up the burger.
  • Nice and tender brisket that tasted good as far as BBQ meat goes. However, the overall flavour was diminished by all the veggies in the burger.
Crisp ($2) thin cut potatoes fried in olive oil
  • Made in-house and comes unsalted.
  • Eat enough as it starts feeling oily, as any deep-fried item is wont to do.
  • Salt and hot sauces are available to jazz up your crisps.
  • About 2 cups worth of crisps, which feels a bit pricey for $2.
Based on the one sandwich I got, I thought this place was just OK. You may have a better experience with a more interesting sandwich like the tamarind chicken "Sarah" or cumin-spiced pulled pork "Wilbur".

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