Thursday, October 8, 2015

Back to the Cannibal Cafe

Click to add a blog post for The Cannibal Cafe on Zomato After our large-party slow-burger disaster last time at The Cannibal Café, management invited us back for a re-do. Only 8 persons from our original party could make it this time, but for the persons who showed up, The Cannibal Café let us have our food (but not alcoholic drinks) free.
Honestly, I thought we'd just all get a free burger, so some of us went ahead and ordered an appy to share. But holy moly, they gave those to use for free as well.

So, BIG DISCLAIMER -- I paid $5 for my order (as tip) and I got to try some appetizers other people ordered.

Maybe because we were a smaller group, our burgers came in a timely fashion this time. Mine was dead last and they made a point of reassuring me that it was coming shortly (and it did). So, service seemed normal this time.
  • Diablo Jalapenos ($9.95) Battered jalapenos stuffed with Manchengo cheese, served with a side of smokey red pepper mayo
    • Despite "diablo" in the name, if you're looking for anything spicy-hot here, it's a waste of time.
    • Cheese doesn't harden as quickly as mozzarella, so you don't have to rush and swallow a mouthful of lava just to have fun melted cheese.
    • Definitely use the mayo.
    • Even so, this was only so-so and I think there were only 5 fritters, working out to about $2 per jalapeno.
  • Cannibal Fries ($11.95) Hand cut fries, two 3oz patties, American cheese & shredded cheddar, Cannibal sauce, carmelized onions
    • Get this instead of a burger -- serioulsy. It's cheaper, plus you're not missing on much meat, plus all those fries are filling.
    • Really nice touch with the caramelized onion. That and/or the special Cannibal sauce added a nice sweetness to the sauce for the fries making this tasty and a hit with your table.
    • Don't even bother with the tomato sauce provided (which was therefore wasted, so maybe ask for the bottle instead of the pre-portioned amounts and use only when necessary).
  • Cannibal Wings ($10.95) A full pound of hot, S&P, BBQ or Black Dragon wings
    • Get these on Wing Wednesdays for a discount! $5 gets you a pound of wings, which probably works out to 8-10.
    • Decent sized wings and drumsticks. Not super-tiny and bony.
    • We tried "Black Dragon" and I really liked it. Slight spicy-heat in the not-too-honey-sweet black sauce. You can safely pass on the sauce they give you.
  • Burger of the Month - Parmegedon ($14.95) crispy chicken, marinara, lettuce, basil, tomato, provolone, parmesan, garlic mayo, picked jalapeno on the side
    •  Felt like there was a smallish and negligible portion of everything except chicken and a passable slice of tomato. So it felt like you were just eating fried chicken in a (really tender and nice) bun.
    • Generous slab of chicken.
    • Chicken was totally ace. White meat. Not dry or tough and definitely moist enough. Really crispy on the outside and not too salty.
    • The Cannibal Café should totally consider selling this chicken separately.
    • It's sort of pricey to pay $14.95 for a slab of deep fried chicken with no sides.
I totally forgot to get my Yelp check-in freebie, which was a free side of fries. You only get this offer if you order a burger, not just any order (the Yelp check-in doesn't really specify burger-only).

There is guest wifi, but our server warned that it wouldn't work well, and it didn't. She offered the staff wifi password, and the staff wifi worked much better. If you like neither option, head up the street to Starbucks to mooch their wifi.

Since they knew we were all Yelpers, I allowed myself to take pictures this time. Some pics used the Camera360 app which apparently doesn't automatically use the flash, so the environment looks more darkly lit than it really was.

2015-Oct-7 Cannibal Cafe burger of the month

2015-Oct-7 Cannibal Cafe - Wings (Black Dragon)

2015-Oct-7 Cannibal Cafe - Diablo Jalapenos

2015-Oct-7 Cannibal Cafe - Parmegedon

2015-Oct-7 Cannibal Cafe - Parmegedon chicken white meat patty

2015-Oct-7 Cannibal Cafe Happy Hour

2015-Oct-7 Cannibal Cafe Feature Drinks

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