Thursday, January 14, 2016

Canra SriLankan Plus - great budget eats

Canra Srilankan Plus Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato Still in search of good eats on a budget, I was recommended Canra Srilankan Plus in International Village / Tinseltown by their high ratings on Zomato and Yelp.
I'm a sucker for roti, so I went with "today's special": Egg Roti + Plain Roti, with curry ($5.49 for lentil curry, $6.49 for chicken curry).
Egg Roti is just one of their large rotis, with fried egg folded inside. The two rotis together definitely make a decent filling portion all on their own.

I was asked how spicy I wanted my curry, and I said "spicy". Turns out what they do is chop a fresh green chili and add it into the curry. Curry was slightly watery but there were a decent amount of veggies (cabbage). Flavour was okay otherwise. The curry was also not piping hot, but I don't think they intended it to as you get it in a styrofoam cup.

I was also given a sample of apple curry to try, plus a couple of very salty, dried (and fried-till-crunchy?) chilies. Possibly because they had the time for individual attention, or possibly because I was taking pictures.

Food is solidly mediocre, but they definitely get bonus points for price and portion, and any roti in your order is made fresh on the grill. For a well-under-$10 meal, the two-roti combo is a winner.

TIP: Ask for an additional paper towel just in case! Plastic spoon only, no fork, so if you'll be tearing into your roti with tooth and claw.

TIP: Go to their website for special Sri Lankan items you can pre-order, that are not on the food court menu.

2016-Jan-14 Canra SriLankan - egg roti, plain roti, lentil curry

2016-Jan-14 Canra SriLankan - fresh chilies added for heat

2016-Jan-14 Canra SriLankan - main menu 2016-Jan-14 Canra SriLankan - curries after lunch rush

2016-Jan-14 Canra SriLankan - desserts

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