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Dine Out Vancouver 2016 - American CheeseSteak Company

The American Cheesesteak Co. Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato Overall I feel The American Cheesesteak Company is offering a very good deal during Dine Out Vancouver 2016. Since you get a voucher for $5 off, the net cost is only $15. Even at $20, what you get is a sizable and tasty meal, complete with drink.
Even without Dine Out Vancouver, their sandwiches/subs are already about twice the size of a gourmet burger at a comparable price.

The DOV menu is NOT for takeout, but if you're worried about finishing your sandwich, you may want to work on your side, and then wrap up your sandwich to go. You can get a steak knife from the condiments counter to cut a portion of your sandwich for eating there.

Dine Out 2016 Dinner Menu ($20)

Appetizer (choose 1)
  • Fresh-cut fries
  • ACC Fries (tossed in garlic butter and parmesan)
  • Onion Rings - Old Fashioned, Skinny Cut
  • Side Salad with House-made Ranch or Vinaigrette
Entree (choose 1)
  • The Polish Chick - Crispy chicken sandwich with onions & mushrooms sauteed with garlic butter and tarragon, provolone cheese and mayo to top off this idea from Poland, all lovingly placed in a fresh garlic-toasted bun
  • Cajun Fire Po Boy - our take on a Louisiana classic!  A fresh baked bun with your choice of crispy- fried shrimp *or* chicken with our own ACC Hot Sauce, topped with lettuce, tomato, pickles and authentic remoulade sauce.  SPICY!!!
  • The Italian Stallion - This Italian style cheesesteak features our tender sliced prime rib, sauteed onions & mushrooms and melted provolone.  It is served in a grilled garlic bun and topped with home-made marinara sauce, parmesan cheese and black olives. **Gluten Free: Ask for this as a salad instead of on a bun**
  • The OH-Saka: Tender sliced prime rib with sauteed onions, american cheese homemade zesty teriyaki sauce, mayo, and lettuce, all in a fresh baked bun.  A favourite from Osaka, Japan!
  • Contrary to the menu posted on the Dine Out Vancouver website, you DO NOT GET in-house made frozen custard. Instead, you get a voucher for it. Maybe they included it earlier on during DOV, but not anymore.
  • Each meal comes with a bottled drink of choice.
  • Each meal comes with TWO vouchers, usable AT ANOTHER TIME
    • One voucher for a single scoop of Frozen Custard.
    • One voucher for $5 off. The lady at the counter confirmed that:
      • I cannot give it to my friend for them to use with Dine Out Vancouver.
      • It may only be for their classic American Cheesesteak. She could not confirm whether it was usable for anything on the menu.
ACC Fries
  • Good initially. Decent fries and generously topped with parmesan and a bit of green herb (parsley?).
  • Not super garlicky, unfortunately.
  • Toward the bottom, it gets really greasy as presumably the butter dripped to the bottom. You may want to skip the last layer of fries as its buttery/greasy and in any case probably cold.
  • Eat this fast while its hot.
Side Salad
  • Salad is salad. It's a pretty big one, though.
Cajun Fire Po'Boy (fried shrimp)
  • Pass on this.
  • ACC Hot sauce pretty hot, and smothered all other flavours.
  • "Shrimp" are decently sized! Not super-small mini shrimps the size of cashew nuts, but larger ones the size of prunes. Crunchy but looked oily.
  • Tasted like teriyaki sauce. A bit overdone but otherwise meaty. Definitely meatier than the Cajun Fire. 
  • An OK choice, but would probably have been better if you could taste more of what was in it.
Italian Stallion
  • I felt this had too much marinara sauce, so you may want to consider scraping some of that off, revealing the flavours of the other stuff in it.
  • Eat it while hot or the provolone will harden and cake things together.
  • When they say the prime rib is tender, they are not kidding. Also, there's a very generous amount of meat. Seemed like more than in the OH-Saka.
  • Overall very tasty once I took off the marinara. Of what we tried, this is a safe choice.
 Boylan's Orange Juice
  • Read the ingredients. Then if you still want orange juice, I recommend going with Minute Maid instead.
2016-Jan-21 ACC DOV 2016 - salad sidedish

2016-Jan-21 ACC DOV 2016 - Cajun Fire (shrimp), ACC fries

2016-Jan-21 ACC DOV 2016 - shrimp from Cajun Fire

2016-Jan-21 ACC DOV 2016 - Oh-Saka

2016-Jan-21 ACC DOV 2016 - Italian Stallion

2016-Jan-21 ACC DOV 2016 - DOV vouchers

2016-Jan-21 ACC DOV 2016 menu

2016-Jan-21 ACC regular menu

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