Friday, January 29, 2016

Hot Chocolate Festival 2016 - Terra Breads (Olympic Village)

Terra Breads Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato The Olympic Village Terra Breads is notable for being licensed -- they have wine!
They also bake 24-hours a day (but the place is not open 24 hours, however), so unlike some other cafes, what you see in the counter might actually still be fresh no matter what time you go, instead of end-of-the-day leftovers if you go late afternoon or evening.

Their Hot Chocolate Festival 2016 entries are very strong for being interesting in taste and good price for portion. Drawbacks include being not very hot by the time it got to us; and the underlying hot chocolate seemed a bit thin and mediocre.

Honey Buns ($4.95) Venezuelan dark chocolate, house-made chili honey, cinnamon, bourbon vanilla bean. Served with cinnamon sugar brioche.
  • We got a very friendly front counter person who also let me try a spoonful of their chili honey. The chili flavour is there and there's a good burn in the back of your throat but it starts slow. For several seconds all you get is the normal sweetness of the honey.
  • This hot chocolate definitely has some chili-heat to it, but not too much and no bitterness. Definitely worth a try if you can handle the spicy heat. Ask to try a bit of the honey first if you're not sure, although that will be spicier than when mixed in the hot chocolate.
  • Strange powdery residue in the cup,which was not present in the Chocolate Chums hot chocolate.
Chocolate Chums ($4.95) cocoa barry milk chocolate, mascarpone cream. Served with Chocolate Arts Pecan Fruit Crisp [AND] Chocolate Bar.
  • You get a small bar of chocolate, and a thin slice of fruit crisp on which is a generous dollop of mascarpone.
  • Nice crunchy chocolate bar. Not that big, so "bar" might be kind of a misnomer.
  • Clear milk flavour, which sort of ruined this hot chocolate for me, but definitely depends on your personal taste. Other than that, there's a vanilla (?)-like sweetness to it. Certainly a tamer hot chocolate than honey buns. If you can only try one, try honey buns if you're adventurous.
2016-Jan-28 Terra Breads (Olympic Village) - hot chocolate festival menu

2016-Jan-28 Terra Breads (Olympic Village) - hot chocolate festival - Honey Bun

2016-Jan-28 Terra Breads (Olympic Village) - hot chocolate festival - chocolate chums

2016-Jan-28 Terra Breads (Olympic Village) - hot chocolate festival - residue in cups

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