Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Manchu Wok (Metropolis Food Court)

Manchu Wok Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato Normally I wouldn't have eaten here but I was meeting up with a friend for a snack and on a whim chose this place to try Lemongrass Chicken Potstickers.
Huge mistake. Especially since they were what looked like the last six of the day, and hence no way they were fresh. But I hoped at least to have a meaty potsticker with tasty filling.
FAIL on all counts.

  • Works out to just over $1 per potsticker after tax.
  • Mostly empty space inside the potsticker (see picture).
  • Very strong lemongrass flavour -- and no other flavour. Not even chicken.

Spend your money elsewhere, especially if it's a Tuesday -- maybe try KFC's Tuesday special for just over $3 (see picture). Really decently sized thigh but lamely sized drumstick. Still, a way better deal than Lameass Cheesy Potstickers from Manchu Wok.

2016-Jan-12 Manchu Wok - lemongrass chicken potstickers

2016-Jan-12 Manchu Wok - lemongrass chicken potstickers (inside)

2016-Jan-12 KFC - tuesday special

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