Sunday, January 17, 2016

Hot Chocolate Festival 2016 - Diva at the Met

Diva at the Met - The Metropolitan Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato The Hot Chocolate Festival for 2016 has begun and my first pick this year is Diva at the Met and their intriguing chocolate globes and bombs. See the video in this post of them in action.


A chocolate globe filled with fresh raspberry puree melts into a steamy sensation of dark Cacao-Barry Extra Brute, pure orange juice, and candied orange zest. All topped with freshly ground almond crumbs.
Served with a petit orange-pistachio financier.

#22 – “LICORICE BOMB 21”

You have to be of legal age to try this. A chocolate bomb containing Pernod Anise, and cranberry juice slowly melts its way into a freshly steamed mixture of extra bitter Valrhona cocoa. Stirred and topped with an almond-graham streusel.
Served together with a mini cranberry-coffee pound cake.

Both drinks are structured similarly -- a cap of chocolate sits atop an initially very hot hot chocolate drink and is allowed to melt into it. The drawback is that once you've waited the 2 minutes or so it takes, your hot chocolate is no longer very hot anymore.

I do not drink alcohol, so I only tried the Citrus Zensation. As hot chocolates go, it was alright. You are paying $8.40 (after tax, before tip) for not just the hot chocolate, but the chocolate cap and bomb, plus the fun of it melting into your drink.
You are also paying for the smaller-than-a-ping-pong cake. My orange-pistachio financier was a very moist, dense cake very much packed with flavour and very tasty.

I'm pretty sure we missed the almond crumbs and almond-graham streusel, but the bartender claimed they were in the chocolate globe / bomb. Hmm...

2016-Jan-17 Hot Chocolate Festival - Diva at the Met 1

2016-Jan-17 Hot Chocolate Festival - Diva at the Met 2

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