Friday, January 29, 2016


Kingyo Izakaya Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato Kingyo was a winner last time I went so when my friend came to townI took here here as a safe bet.

Their "famous invincible and undefeted tantan noodle" ($9.80 for a big bowl) was still good, and this time I got to try other stuff as well. Overall these choices were not as interesting or tasty, but price for what you get and for the portion is fine.

Corn Steamed Egg Pudding ($6.80) super smooth egg pudding with corn and crab flakes
  • There's crab?
  • Rather small portion for price. Also watery/soupy.
  • Interesting to try but might be an acquired taste; otherwise not that tasty.
Pressed Mackerel Sushi ($12.80) Lightly seared marinated mackerel pressed sushi with sweet kelp, sesame, takana pickles topped with our original green onion ginger and mustard dressing
  • This was OK. Works better if you try not to lose too much of the green onion dressing, which tends to fall off.
  • Sizable pieces add up to quite a filling portion of rice.
Grilled Pork cheek ($7.80) Kingyo's original miso marinated pork cheek served with homemade blended spice
  • Pork cheek looked, felt, and tasted like the ham you can get at superstore if you lightly pan fry it. Just a lot less salty. Rather boring as a result.
  • Don't forget the spice blend, which is a very thick and dry paste.
2016-Jan-27 Kingyo - tan tan noodles

2016-Jan-27 Kingyo - corn steamed egg pudding

2016-Jan-27 Kingyo - pressed mackerel sushi

2016-Jan-27 Kingyo - grilled pork cheek

2016-Jan-27 Kingyo - table setting

2016-Jan-27 Kingyo - goldfish carving

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