Tuesday, January 5, 2016


Kishimoto Japanese Kitchen & Sushi Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato Got there 15 minutes before opening... and where's the lineup? Looks like Tuesday nights might be a good day to go to avoid waiting, especially now when the weather's cold out.

Salmon Oshisushi ($13.95)
  • Tasty, but didn't feel that special compared to other aburi sushi I've had.
  • Despite the chili on top, not spicy.
Spicy Tuna Oshisushi ($13.95)
  • Sweet, tasty tuna on top (but not "spicy") + crunchy fun rice = winner!
Decoration on the sushi plate of a windmill-flower with edamame bean is edible but bland. Water in the "vase" is possibly watered down gatorade. Doesn't stick to the shredded turnip, though. Still, eat this so it won't get tossed as waste.
Seasonal Tempura ($12.95) chestnuts with a hint of truffle salt, persimmon wrapped in Jambon de Ardennes prosciutto with tendashi
  • Persimmon was interesting, but the best part of this appy was the chestnut -- thin crunchy skin slightly salty (hey, where's my truffle?) juxtaposing sweet chestnuts. Winner!
  • Get this just for the chestnuts, although price is atrocious if you end up not liking the persimmon and prosciutto.
Black Cod Misozuke ($13.95)
  • Sweet and creamy. Tasty.
  • Portion was about 2 packs of cigarettes.
Also available tonight was angler fish nigiri at $4.95 a piece. I gave it a pass this time since exotic meats have generally failed to impress me with any exotic flavour. Let me know if you try it.

Before tax this light meal was around $19 for each of 3 persons.

Cute girl servers and staff! More cute-cute than Cactus Club sexy-cute. Is this worth bonus points?

2015-Jan-5 Kishimoto - oshizushi - spicy tuna (top), salmon (bottom)

2015-Jan-5 Kishimoto - Black Cod Misozuki

2015-Jan-5 Kishimoto - seasonal tempura

2015-Jan-5 Kishimoto - specials

2015-Jan-5 - Kishimoto - wall art

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