Monday, January 4, 2016

Mr. Zhang Karaoke and Restaurant

Mr. Zhang Karaoke Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato The plan tonight was actually to go to Xu's Wonton House but it turned out they were closed for renovations! I had heard about Mr. Zhang Karaoke and Restaurant also having decent xiao long bao, so we went there instead, the place being just downstairs and still in the Crystal Mall complex.

On a Monday night it was pretty quiet, but there were still 2-3 tables occupied at any one time.

Deep Fried Spicy Prawns ($16.98) two types: spicy, or salt-and-pepper; on bill: "prawn w/ chili"

  • We got the salt-and-pepper version, which wasn't spicy at all. Not too peppery either.
  • Very fried! Not oily at all. So crispy you can eat the entire prawn. The head was crispy and crunchy.
  • BIG prawns, and lots.
Lamb or Beef with Green Onion ($15.98) on bill: "Sliced Lamb w Green"
  • We got the lamb. Not gamey. Could have mistaken it for beef, actually. Pretty tasty otherwise.
  • Lots of onion and green peppers. And oil.
Pan Fried Sliced Beef in Pancake ($6.98) on bill: "Pan Fried Sliced Bf"
  • Served cold.
  • Sliced beef rolled in fun-chewy pancake.
  • Two fairly large rolls, so price was OK and you could possibly get away with this as a light meal.
Duck and Potato with Teriyaki Sauce ($14.98) on bill: "Diced Duck"
  • Maybe a quarter or half duck, but a lot of bone. If you are not lucky, you won't get any meat on the bone you pick up.
  • Bone is crispy enough that it's generally safe if you start chewing it up.
  • Coated in so much sauce you might be tempted to ask for more duck with your sauce.
Shanghai Style Juicy Pork Bun ($3.98) on bill: "Steamed Dumpling"
  • Ping-pong ball sized.
  • Thick skin.
  • First two steamers of 5 had only one bao with any soup in it. We pointed it out and we asked for one more steamer (which they gave to us free, without our asking to take it off the bill). This time it was okay, but there were grumbles about the thickness of the skin.
  • Go to Xu's upstairs in the food court (when they finish renovating, anyway). They are huge so it's a lot more fun with a lot more soup inside.
House Special Hot Pot with Sour Soup ($15.98) on bill: "Hot Pot w Sour Soup"
  • Boring. You taste the sourness of some kind of preserved vegetable (Szechuan pickled mustard?) Has some sliced meat in it.
Steamed Rice ($3)

Overall food is okay with some standouts like the deep fried spicy prawns but could be hit or miss. Dishes felt like they were on the salty side. Price for portion OK -- we were 7 and our bill came under $13 per person.

Bonus - Waitress who can speak fluent English.

Karaoke after 5pm is $200 (!), "all you can sing"!

2015-Jan-4 Mr. Zhang - salt and pepper prawn, lamb with greens, pan fried sliced beef

2015-Jan-4 Mr. Zhang - diced duck in teriyaki sauce

2015-Jan-4 Mr. Zhang - XLB, sour soup

2015-Jan-4 Mr. Zhang - bill

2015-Jan-4 Mr. Zhang 1

2015-Jan-4 Mr. Zhang 2

2015-Jan-4 Mr. Zhang - karaoke

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