Friday, January 29, 2016

Popping Boba at Che-Licious

Che-licious Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato I was pretty sure my out-of-town guest hadn't had che before, so I dragged her to Che-Licious to try it. She tried the Dark 'N Delicious ($5.75; grass jelly, tapioca perals, red beans, coconut milk) while I made a custom drink to try the "popping boba".

The "popping boba" is definitely worth a try. They are little fish-egg-like sacs of concentrated fruit juice. No idea what the pea-sized sacs are made of and whether the juice is straight fruit juice or some sort of processed concentrate. Probably the latter and you probably don't want to look into the ingredients -- so if you're anxious about it, best to just go for fresh fruits and stuff here.
But the experience is definitely worth a try.

Each popping boba choice gives you ONE fruit flavour -- not a mix of all three flavours. They are best savoured once the ice melts and you can use the bubble tea straw to suck up a bunch in your mouth. What happens is when you crunch down on the bubbles, the strong fruit flavour suddenly bursts out into your mouth. It's definitely a different experience compared to just having the fruit flavour pre-mixed into your drink.

2016-Jan-27 Che-Licious - ingredient list

2016-Jan-27 Che-Licious - closeup of one Popping Boba (mango)

2016-Jan-27 Che-Licious - Dark 'n Delicious (left) and custom drink of aloe vera and popping boba (mango)

2016-Jan-27 Che-Licious - decor

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