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This week at our local Walmart, Puck was on sale, although it took around half a week before any stock was actually available and put on the International Dairy shelf.

The one flavour they had is made primarily from milk, and despite salt being listed third on the ingredient list, it is quite a salty product. In fact, it predominantly tastes like salt, with a faint note of some kind of dairy. It's hard to tell through all the saltiness but I'd say that underlying flavour is close to plain cream cheese.
The texture is smooth and extremely soft, much softer than spreadable cream cheese, Nutella, or Cheez Whiz. It's firmness is closer to cake frosting.

From their website FAQ:

1. What is Puck Creamy Spread made of? What are the ingredients of Puck Creamy Spread?
Puck Creamy Spread is made with natural and pure milk with chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla. It is free from palm oil, artificial flavors, nuts and contains 30% less sugar compared to other similar sweet spreads.

2. Is Puck Creamy Spread considered cheese? Does it consist of cheese?
No, Puck Creamy Spread is not cheese. Puck is offering consumers a sweet creamy spread, rich in milk, protein and calcium, and available in 3 flavors, strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla. It contains 30% less sugar compared to similar sweet spreads.
Philadelphia Cream Cheese at Walmart Canada is 6.98 CAD for 340g, or 2.05 CAD per 100g.
Currently Walmart's regular price of Puck is 11.97 CAD for 500g, or 2.39 CAD per 100g so the sale price of 9.47 CAD is a great time to try it.
Or you could buy Walmart's Great Value brand Cream Cheese Spread at 2.47 CAD per 227g, or 1.09 CAD per 100g and add salt to it. Won't be quite as soft and conveniently spreadable, though.


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