Thursday, August 20, 2015

Neurogenesis Happy Water

The latest sample sent to me by SocialNature is Neurogenesis Happy Water. Happy Water is available at IGA, London Drugs, and other stores.

At IGA and London Drugs, it is $9.99 (same as the suggested retail price on the website) plus 20 cent BC environmental deposit. Also, when I picked it up today at London Drugs, there was a buy-one-get-one Manager's Special (which sadly did not allow me to pick up two with the coupon sent to me by SocialNature).

Happy Water 5L coupon

Happy Water also comes in 500 ml bottles with a suggested retail price of $1.99. If you feel that "water is water", you could compare this to Nestlé® Pure Life®, which is one of the pricier bottled waters available at Superstore, which sells it at $4.99 for 35 bottles, plus $1.05 ecology fee, plus $1.75 "deposit", for a total of $7.79 or roughly 45 cents per two bottles (1 liter).

Happy Water's 5L "bulk" size gives you some savings on price in exchange for a box that doesn't really allow grab-and-go. Even so, at $9.99 + 20 cent ecology fee, it is about $2.04 per liter, or over 4 times as much.
For people like my mom, this makes Happy Water a really tough sell. She tried it, and asked me why she shouldn't just continue boiling her own tap water.

Happy Water does definitely taste different from tap water, and they also claim "Happy Water® is sourced from two ancient Canadian mountain springs. Happy Water’s® blend of spring and mineral water contains naturally occurring lithia, calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium. The rare combination of these minerals creates Happy Water’s® naturally alkaline state."
There is an interesting article on water that supports drinking natural spring water (see the section on Living Water) -- water that is theoretically free of pollution and healthy to drink.

In summary, I think Neurogenesis Happy Water now is like early organic food: You can be convinced it's better for you. But it's so pricey for now that most people will probably just get what's convenient and cheap because we don't feel any difference right away compared to drinking tap water, which is "safe enough" according to the government.
People who educate themselves on water and heath -- AND who are willing to pay a premium for health -- should definitely take a closer look.

At this time, Social Nature is offering the opportunity to TRY HAPPY WATER FOR 20 CENTS. (You get a coupon to try it for "free" but like me, it will probably end up costing you 20 cents for the BC enviro fee).

The shape of the 5L and 10L boxes does have the additional benefit of being easy to store and transport in mass quantities, which makes it an interesting option. The built-in spout is also brilliant, and once my box is empty I will definitely try cracking it open to see if I can re-use the container.
Whether the benefits of boxed water is interesting and useful enough for you to pay 4x more for bottled water is up to you.

Happy Water info 2 of 2
Happy Water info 1 of 2
Happy Water 5L front
Happy Water 5L spout side . Happy Water 5L spout
Happy Water 5L nutrition . Happy Water 5L instructions

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