Saturday, August 8, 2015

Railtown Tailgate Summer Barbecue Series

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Railtown Cafe is offering their Tailgate Summer Barbecue Series. They've already done three but there are two more to go: September-12 and September-26.

With the BBQ there are two options:

Meat-Lovers ($16, $18.85 after Eventbrite fee and GST)
  • 35-hour Texas-style beef brisket
  • Applewood-smoked pork shoulder (pulled pork)
  • Beer-brined Fraser Valley Chicken
  • D'Original Sausage Haus Brats
  • Tabatha's Jalapeño Cornbread
  • Corn on the Cob
  • Choice of two sides:
    • Carolina Coleslaw
    • Creamy Potato Salad
    • Classic Caesar Salad
    • Farmer's Market Field Greens
  • Gluten-Free option available! Skip the cornbread and the sausage and you are basically safe. Still, best to double-check by calling ahead.
Vegetarian ($10, $12.09 after Eventbrite fee and GST)
  • No meat, obviously.
  • You get the cornbread, grilled corn, and all sides
For $18.85 including tax but excluding tip (which you basically could get away with not paying), you got a pretty heaping plate of stuff.
  • It still looks pricey, BUT you will also get a drink with your ticket if you purchased it online.
    • Supposed value is $6, but it could be a boring non-alcoholic beverage worth 50 cents.
    • Alcoholic beverage is probably worth around $6, which is also what their 4pm-6pm happy hour drinks are priced. So your plate of 2/3rds meat, 1/3rd greens is about $13 after tax and unnecessary tip, making it really decent value in terms of quantity, and really good BBQ meat in terms of quality.
  • You can choose to skip some items and I think you get compensated with more of other things. The exact quantity of stuff is not a measured amount, so plates will vary a bit.
  • Remember to wait for the BBQ sauce if you like that on your meat.
  • The Beef Brisket was probably the best -- tender, though with a good amount of fat on it as well.
  • Some people in our group fell in love with the cornbread, but I was too focussed on finding the jalapeño in it but only seeing the odd green spec. No heat whatsoever. Really decent as cornbread, though.
  • For the chicken, if you demand tender chicken, ask for dark meat, which was very tender and quite fall-off-the-bone. If you end up with white meat (chicken breast, most likely) it could be on the dry side as chicken breast typically is.
TIP: It's still a sketchy neighbourhood, so if walking from Waterfront Station, I recommend against walking alone, even during broad daylight.

TIP: Watch out for parking restrictions. We saw a lot of cars ticketed and one car towed after 9pm.

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