Friday, August 7, 2015

Tasty way to eat fries at The Spud Shack Fry Co

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The Spud Shack Fry Co. has (among other things), "poutines" -- fries with stuff on them. It's kind of like Chinese noodles at a budget Chinese restaurant -- lots of cheap carbs with a pile of stuff on top.

It's a small, dim place with simple seating. They are presently slightly understaffed, so don't expect all tables to be wiped down during or shortly after their dinner rush.

TIP: When you walk in, look up. It says "Order Here". We totally missed that and instead went to secure seats for our party. Only later did we wander over to the counter, and we still didn't see the big sign right over the counter. Duh.

TIP: If you can get to New Westminster Skytrain Station before 6pm, they have $5 drinks on Happy Hour special that ends at 6pm. Also late-night "Last Call" $5 drink specials (the one hour before closing).

Their Large Poutines are mostly $15 and you get a heaping plate of fries. We're talking probably 3-4 cups of fries. Depending on the topping you choose, you might get more or less toppings. The "Night Market" poutine looked like it had maybe 50% more quantity of toppings overall compared to the "Squealer" which was topped with pulled pork.

Price for portion is a bit high but you are also paying for the "fancy toppings" so overall it comes out to decent value. $15 is a gourmet burger plus side. Here you have all sides plus toppings, and probably more volume for your money. Also, a single Large Poutine probably works out to a light meal for two persons. Sharing plates and extra forks are available for the asking.

The Squealer ($15 for large) pulled pork, BBQ sauce
  • Pulled pork OK. BBQ sauce not overdone, so the whole thing wasn't a too-salty too-sweet mess which can sometimes happen when you get a pulled pork + BBQ combo.
The Night Market ($15 for large) Kimchi, Ginger Beef, Crispy Wontons, Spicy mayo, Green Onion, Sesame Seeds
  • "Crispy wontons" are the deep fried strips that look like noodles. Doesn't really add that much to the taste. Probably more for fun.
  • There were sesame seeds?
  • Gingery from the beef.
  • No heat from the kimchi. Not too much kimchi (probably a good thing), but enough to be there.
  • Overall quite interesting and tasty, but the clear ginger taste might be startling to some.
I was experimenting with Skype on my cellphone today so for once I actually did take this picture. The picture is slightly angled, so the Squealer Poutine looks like it has a slightly smaller plate, but the plates were the same size (about 6" diameter excluding the handles) with a fork sticking straight up.
2015-Aug-6 Spud Shack large poutines - Squealer (top) and Night Market (bottom)

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