Friday, November 20, 2015

Anatolia's Gate meatballs and curry

Anatolia's Gate Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato Back to Anatolia's Gate -- because there was a Meetup there tonight and my friend was interested in Turkish food, so I went with her.

If you are in a group, the lavash bread that comes with your meal will also be communal!

Meat Lovers Pide ($11.95) Anatolia's Ground Meat, Turkish Pastrami, tomatoes, cheese, egg
  • Quite small. Rather thin film of mixed meat. Either some spicing to the meat or it was the influence of the Turkish Pastrami.
  • Not that tasty to me, maybe because there was too little meat.
  • Meat portion is basically around $8 since the bread portion is probably about the same as a medium lavash bread. Overpriced.
  • If you don't need the cheese, consider getting the lahmajun instead -- more meat spread over a thin crust, $11.45
Chicken Curry ($14.95) chicken breast chunks with curry sauce, rice, and salads; served with a freshly baked lavash bread and yogurt sauce
  • The curry here is strong and has some heat, but not too much. Very much not like an Indian curry, if that is what you are hoping for.
  • The salad of chopped tomatoes and chilies (possibly ezme -- fresh tomatoes, parsley, onion, hot peppers, olive oil) is bitter and very spicy-hot, so watch out! Use the yogurt sauce to clear your palate if necessary -- don't blow it all on the lavash bread even though that tends to come very early.
  • Not quite as much chicken as pictured in the menu.
  • Big meal, so-so in taste. Felt maybe slightly overpriced for $14.95 but very filling because of the bowl of rice in the middle.
Kofte Guvech ($14.95) Anatolia's Ground Meat balls with oven-roasted veggies, tomato sauce, and cheese baked in oven; served with lavash
  • Rather firm but still moist meatballs that merged together during baking.
  • Some sour stuff (pickles?) in the stew.
  • Looked like a smallish order for price.
Service felt polite and attentive. When I sat down, almost right away someone came with water. When there were more of us, they brought over a carafe.
2015-Nov-20 Anatolia's Gate Meat Pide

2015-Nov-20 Anatolia's Gate Meat Pide (under the cheese)

2015-Nov-20 Anatolia's Gate chicken curry

2015-Nov-20 Anatolia's Gate kofte guvech

2015-Nov-20 Anatolia's Gate lavash (large - $6)

2015-Nov-20 Anatolia's Gate lavash (medium - $4)

2015-Nov-20 Anatolia's Gate menu 1 of 3

2015-Nov-20 Anatolia's Gate menu 2 of 3

2015-Nov-20 Anatolia's Gate menu 3 of 3

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