Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Wet blanket at Acacia Fillo Bar

Acacia Fillo Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato Huge mistake coming here. And I brought friends with me, compounding it into an embarrassing mistake.

Last time I was at Acacia Fillo Bar, the food was decent, the price for portion (for the banitza) was really good, and the service was horrid.
I thought maybe the service hiccup was a fluke or a bad day. And since the banitza portion was really good for the price, I wanted to come back and try the fillos, which were $3 more at $14.

Service is still horrid one week later. It's like being waited on by a surly zombie. Any emotion we saw was annoyance at our being there (and this was BEFORE we presented Entertainment Book coupons). And self-serve water in a totally dead dinner room? Really?
It's been a long time since I've had service worse than in a Chinese dim sum place. Interactions with the server actually threw a figurative wet blanket over our table, immediately dampening whatever good mood we were in.

Below are pictures of the Salmon and Wild Mushroom Fillo, the Spicy Beef Burek ($11), and the Spinach and Sirene (feta) Banitza ($11) (both of which I sampled last time)..

2015-Nov-10 Acacia Fillo Bar - salmon and mushroom fillo

2015-Nov-10 Acacia Fillo Bar - spicy beef burek

2015-Nov-10 Acacia Fillo Bar - spinach and feta banitza

Salmon and Wild Mushroom Fillo ($14)
  • As you can see from the picture above, portion is actually smaller than a $11 banitza portion. Less to choose from, but if you are looking for good bang for your buck, then stick with banitzas.
  • Portion of salmon is approximately the same volume as one hot dog sausage. Not exactly the same dimensions of course, but approximately the same in volume.
  • Salmon is dry. Not surprisingly, this was dry too. But also bland.
  • Not that many mushrooms. Combined with the bed of spinach (?) it wasn't exactly strong in mushroom and salmon flavour in the smallish package.
  • Came apart very easily when cutting, so you are likely to have the salmon on its own unless you work hard to keep your flavour bites together.
The one saving grace at Acacia Fillo Bar is you can get a decent plate of dinner (IF you order the right thing) for $11. If this place really is in danger of closing, it's not like you can't get cheap so-so eats anywhere else.
TIP: To use more than one Entertainment Book coupon, split up into pairs and have your bills paired up to get $8 off each. Despite everything, the server at least gave us that option instead of declaring one coupon per table.

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