Kokoro Tokyo Mazesoba - Metrotown

Brought my out-of-town friend to Kokoro Tokyo Mazesoba and it was good!
My phone was on the fritz so these pictures are from my friend's phone which captures superior pictures.

They have various offerings other than mazesoba, but of course this is what they are famous for. What you get basically looks just like the pictures on the online menu. Unlike fast food burgers, what you see really is what you get.

The concept is simple - lots of ingredients you mix into noodles and eat. That's it. The ingredients and sticky sauce make them all gum together so every bite of noodle has some of the ingredients.
Price point is decent especially considering not just the portion you get but the amount of toppings you get compared to noodles.
And in addition to noodles, you can get about one cup of rice toward the end (at no additional charge) to mix into your bowl, to get at every last bit of food and sauce.

Some have chili ratings, but even at two-chilies it wasn't particularly spicy-hot

It was our first time there so we chose the "safe" popular options -- Niku Mazesoba ($16.95) and Zenbu Mazesoba ($19.95).

We also tried the Kara Karaage ($10.75), which is crispy fried chicken in some kind of sweet and slightly spicy sauce. There are berries and nuts sprinkled on this that easily falls off, so take your time to paste back some of the berries onto your chicken before eating.
This was fairly good and for an appetizer, the portion was meal-sized for $10.75.

Overall, I feel there's really good value here, especially considering a bowl of simple and lacklustre pho can be $15 nowadays...  Tasty food, nice ambiance, newer development part of Metrotown. And as is typical of Japanese establishments, you do get good service with not-overly-friendly staff who are polite and respectful.

If you are tip-conscious, the pre-calculated tips on the card payment machine starts at 15% (!)


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