President's Choice Luxury Biscuit Assortment

It's been a while since I bought "Christmas cookies" and I decided to pick up a box of President's Choice Luxury Biscuit Assortment. You may be interested to know what it looks like inside the package as a few things definitely caught my attention.

First, the packaging indicates 13 types of biscuits, but it is clear when you open the box that each layer has only 12 slots. So how's that 13 types? Well, on the other layer, there is one slot with the same style of cookie but milk chocolate instead of regular chocolate. (see slide 1).

Second, notice the upper right corner of the layer. One layer has two units put side-by-side, while the other layer has a stack of four. Although this may seem odd, nevertheless the total weight should be 1 kilogram, so it's hard to argue about any cookie "shortage".

Third, the decorations are not entirely consistent, which is not terrible unless you have some OCD about things being perfect.

Finally, at room temperature, the chocolate is slightly sticky, and the pieces touching each other will result in some marking. If you care about the perfect appearance for the spreads you put out for your guests, then you may want to be careful how you handle cookies like these or just choose something else entirely.

Wishing you happy hosting during a Merry Christmas!


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